Printed clothes

Whether you need a t-shirt, a hoodie, a baseball cap or even a tote bag, we can print full color and complex artwork for our clients. These can be the size of your logo if you are looking for corporate uniforms, or be large enough to cover the whole area, if you want to see complete artworks on your clothing. We use several methods to print your clothes, depending on the size of the artwork, the type of material we are printing on, the color variety and other factors. We offer a variety of refinements and even labels and tags for your clothing products.

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Other printed textiles

We print on textiles in a variety of formats and sizes, using different technologies to fit the product we are printing on. The prints can be as small as millimeters, or as large as entire banners. Our printed textile products can help expand your brand into any surface you can think of, transferring your corporate identity into uniforms, curtains, bed covers, serviettes, towels, bathrobes, tote bags, clothing labels, and anything else your business requires.

Embroidery & Patches

Embroidering gives an extra kick of refinement to your branded textile products. Fashion businesses such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Superdry and many others use embroidery to increase the value of their clothes and transmit their strong branding. Patches are also used to display logos and signs on high quality corporate uniforms for tech companies, airports, doctors, and even government organizations such as the police or fire departments. These patches can be sown directly onto your clothes, or we can also provide you with stand-alone patches that you can easily heat-transfer to the textile yourself.