Facebook for business allows you to communicate your message while actively interacting with your audience. We can help and guide you through this process in several ways, from training your staff to creating or managing your Facebook page ourselves. We do extensive research on your specific market and competitors on Facebook to be able to prepare training sessions tailored just for you. During our training sessions, we teach your staff about best practices, how to write the posts, how to promote the business, and how to engage your audience.

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You may have heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but in today’s world, social media allows pictures to be worth thousands in revenue. Instagram is the best social media platform to communicate through images. You can take advantage of our knowledge and experience on this platform through our Instagram for business training sessions, or by having us manage your account completely. We do extensive research on your specific market and competitors on Instagram to be able to prepare training sessions tailored just for you, and we teach your staff about best practices, editing images, selecting and creating hashtags, and much more.

Advertising Options

Social Media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have become excellent fields to stimulate business growth. They are very aware of the value they can provide to your business, and have adapted to optimize your business’s online presence. Companies can create sponsored content, and track its impact and reach with amazing detail. We help you set up the best approach to reach your target audience, by selecting who should see your post, how long your campaign should run for, and getting the right call to action in place.

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media platforms are great mediums to advertise your business. There are thousands of ways to grow your audience and gain customers. Boosting posts to create sponsored material is only one way to do this, but it should not be your only strategy when you want to promote your business or your product. Through our years of experience, we have gathered many creative ways to engage your customers, most of which are free or require very small investments on your part. Creating a strategy for social media includes a variety of tasks, from selecting the type of content and wording you should use, to setting up unusual and creative ways to attract your audience.