Product Packaging

Your customers first impression of your product comes through your packaging. Customers choose products that come in fantastic packaging because this communicates experience, professionalism and therefore a sense of trust in your brand and your product. We can design and produce packaging for any type of product, such as food, beauty products, and even electronics, using a variety of materials, like paper, plastic, card board, glass, and more.

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Product Labels

Product labels are the strips of information you often see on product’s innermost packaging. They can be printed directly on top of the product’s container, or they can be pasted on top of it, like a sticker. Labels are often used in the food and cosmetic industry. They have many uses, and are an important part of your packaging because they contain information about the product’s content, manufacturer, legislation, use instructions, and environmental or even warning symbols. They are a key part of your advertising, since they are the part of your branding that your customers see every day.

Shopping Bags

Shopping bags are used by shoppers to carry home their purchases. They vary in size, and are often re-used by your customers at home. They can be made of paper, plastic or fabric. Bags are a useful form of advertising, since they are often seen by shoppers in the vicinity of your location and can drive more customers in your direction. For shopping bags to be effective, they must accurately convey your branding and identity. Our Agency Department can design the bag, and help you choose the style and materials required for us to produce them in scale.

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